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Vedanta Aluminum invites waste-wealth partnerships with

cement industry for low carbon products

  • Organization of a national workshop on the opportunities and benefits of using fly ash and bauxite residue for cement manufacturing
  • High potential for cost savings and carbon emissions by the cement industry
  • Ecosystem of industry experts to guide the technical aspects of the blend

New Delhi, 19e July 2021: Vedanta Aluminum Business, India’s largest producer of aluminum and value-added products, calls on cement producers to team up to use its by-products in the manufacture of low-carbon cement. The company has expressed interest in long-term collaboration with cement industry players on the opportunities for using fly ash (a by-product of thermal power generation) and bauxite tailings (a by-product of the production of alumina from bauxite) in the manufacture of cement, in a national workshop conducted with global industry experts.

The cement industry, which is exploring viable solutions to produce cement in a more sustainable way, is the ideal circular economy partner for Vedanta Aluminum. Fly ash and bauxite tailings, the two largest by-products generated by the aluminum industry, can be used in the manufacture of cement and concrete, providing cement manufacturers with significant quality advantages, cost and sustainability.

Fly ash can partially replace cement in concrete (or be used to produce mixed cement), greatly improving the durability and workability of the cement. With a 30-33% mixing ratio, fly ash can help save 270 kg of carbon emissions for every ton of cement produced. Bauxite tailings can be added to the raw mix in the manufacture of clinker to replace virgin bauxite, thereby improving its hydraulic properties and strength. Due to the high concentration of iron oxide and alumina, bauxite residue is a better substitute for laterite, which is used in the manufacture of clinker. Additionally, the residual caustic in bauxite tailings helps control sulfur emission when used directly, making it a better fit for this purpose. Since fly ash and bauxite tailings are themselves industrial wastes, they also have significant cost and energy benefits.

Vedanta Aluminum’s technical workshop brought together over a hundred executives from the cement industry and brought together world-renowned experts in this field – Mr. Shreesh Khadilkar, former Director of Quality and Product Development at one of the leading cement producers in India, and Mr. Robin De Beer, a concrete technologist from South Africa with over 40 years of experience in the lucrative use of fly ash in concrete.

Speaking at the webinar, Mr. Rahul Sharma, Dy. CEO – Vedanta Aluminum Business said: “We strongly believe that industries must develop waste-to-wealth value chains to become truly sustainable. At Vedanta, we have made encouraging progress in this direction and intend to continue them. Long-term strategic collaborations, such as between Vedanta and the Indian key cement producer company, will not only remove large volumes of industrial waste from the system, but also provide the trifecta of quality, sustainability and cost benefits. for the cement industry. We hope that Indian cement producers will come and work with us on this innovative solution, which is a real win-win scenario for industry and the environment. ”

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Sharing his insights and industry experience with the public, Mr. Robin De Beer said: “Good quality fly ash can help reduce water demand, reduce heat of hydration and dramatically improve the heat of hydration. workability of concrete, which translates into long-term strength and durability. The workshop is a great Vedanta initiative to raise awareness of how fly ash can support the sustainability agenda of the cement and concrete industry, while dramatically improving product performance. ”

Mr. Shreesh Khadilkar added: “Bauxite tailings have multiple advantages in cement making, such as lower silica content compared to laterite / bauxite, higher alkali and fine particle content, which reduces crushing costs. It also improves the hydraulic properties of cement. The Indian cement industry should take advantage of this innovative opportunity to reap the benefits of quality and sustainability. ”

As part of its quest to promote the circular economy, in FY21, Vedanta Aluminum supplied over 3 lakh metric tons of fly ash to various cement plants in India. Since February 21, the company has also supplied more than 30,000 metric tonnes of bauxite tailings to cement manufacturers. The company also provides free fly ash to hundreds of local brick-making MSMEs in its watershed. In fiscal year 21, Vedanta Aluminum supplied nearly 4 lakh metric tonnes of ash to brick manufacturers. Ash bricks are not only lighter and stronger than traditional clay bricks, but also play a crucial role in preserving the nutrient-rich topsoil from being used as a raw material. This equates to an estimated savings of 1.9 metric tons of topsoil for every ton of ash brick produced. In addition, making ash bricks is an eco-efficient process, unlike the energy-intensive process of producing clay bricks in brick kilns which results in significant greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, for every tonne of ash bricks produced, an estimated 5,900 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions are avoided.

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Vedanta Aluminum Business, a division of Vedanta Limited, is India’s largest aluminum manufacturer, producing half of India’s aluminum at 1.96 million tonnes per year (MTPA) in FY21. is a leader in value-added aluminum products that find critical applications in basic industries. With its aluminum smelters, alumina refinery and world-class power plants in India, the company is fulfilling its mission to stimulate emerging applications of aluminum as the “Metal of the Future” for a greener future.


About Vedanta Limited:

Vedanta Limited, a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources Limited, is one of the world’s leading oil, gas and metals companies with significant operations in oil and gas, zinc, lead, silver, copper , iron ore, steel and aluminum, and energy in India, South Africa, Namibia and Australia. For two decades, Vedanta has made a significant contribution to nation building. Governance and sustainable development are at the heart of Vedanta’s strategy, with a strong emphasis on health, safety and the environment. Giving back is in Vedanta’s DNA, which is focused on improving the lives of local communities. Under the aegis of Vedanta Cares, the flagship program with social impact, Nand Ghars has been set up as a model

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anganwadis focused on eradicating child malnutrition, education, healthcare and empowering women by enabling them to develop their skills. Vedanta and its group companies were listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2020 and received the Frost & Sullivan Sustainability Awards 2020, the CII Environmental Best Practices Award 2020, the CSR Health Impact Award 2020, the CII National Award 2020 for Excellence in Water Management, CII Digital Transformation Award 2020, ICSI National Award 2020 for excellence in corporate governance, People First HR Excellence Award 2020, ‘Company with Great Managers 2020’ by People Business and certified Great Place to Work 2021. Vedanta Limited is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange in India and has ADRs listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

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About Vedanta Aluminum Business:

Vedanta Aluminum Business, part of Vedanta Limited, is India’s largest aluminum producer, producing almost half of India’s aluminum or 1.96 million tonnes per year (MTPA) in fiscal year 21 Vedanta is a leader in value-added aluminum products that find critical applications in basic industries. With its aluminum smelters, alumina refinery and world-class power plants in India, the company is fulfilling its mission to stimulate emerging applications of aluminum as the “Metal of the Future” for a greener future.

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