Awaken a world of play in business, with our ideas


Data that supports decisions

People and businesses need the right data at the right time. And they need it all the time, because the world is changing, fast. Not only do we keep pace, we stay ahead. Our infrastructure quickly identifies, creates, organizes and analyzes data so that we can support a world where businesses pivot and meet people’s needs, even ahead.


Content that creates change

We believe in the power of content. He can teach and he can inspire. A society never stops, because its inhabitants always seek to grow, always in search of inspiration.

Content can provide that inspiration. It can provide the courage and motivation people and businesses need to change and grow. And when they do, society achieves sustainability. Let’s create this content and these businesses, together.


Knowledge that circulates

Organized expertise, unique experience and a passion for depth. We believe in the power of human knowledge that comes from these sources. And we believe in sharing that knowledge. When diverse people share their wisdom and ideas, it creates economic value that is accessible to everyone and helps promote the sustainable development of our society.


Technology changing the world

We believe that technology, combined with the ingenuity of people, will change the world. This is why we will continue to automate our processes and combine our expertise with the best technological solutions to bring value to the world.


Cases that awaken the game

Everything in harmony: individual, company and society. We believe in creating a world where everyone can enjoy business and life, and strive to provide products that will make this a reality. With content that conveys ideas and practices and data that offers new insights, we will create this sustainable world.

7 values

01 Be free and own it

02 Unleash ingenuity

03 Engage the user

04 How fast? Wow fast.

05 You do not know ? Choose brave.

06 Together. No matter what.

07 We need what you bring

The diversity of our team – our divergent thinking – is the source of our competitive strength. That’s why we encourage creativity and new ideas. We want everyone to contribute their best work, and we know that can only happen if each of us has the freedom to give our best.

The 7 values ​​guide us and bring our purpose to life – “Wake up a world of play in business, with our ideas”.

A message from the co-CEO and CTO Yusuke Inagaki (1/3)

We aim to be a company that makes all of our stakeholders happy

“Business intelligence to change your world”.

Uzabase has been committed to this mission since the company was founded in 2008.

Starting with SPEEDA, our goal has been to create the business intelligence infrastructure the world needs and free all professionals from labor-intensive tasks that consume a lot of their time. By doing so, we can give more people the freedom to focus on more creative, high-value work. This is part of the “change the world” challenge that we have taken on as a company.

At the same time, the three founders have always discussed ways to make Uzabase a workplace where all of its stakeholders can be happy. Uzabase is what it is today only thanks to the support of many, many people. That’s why our goal has always been to create a genuinely win-win relationship with our employees, their families and partners, business partners, investors, customers and everyone else around us.

Now, fourteen years after the founding of the company, we have changed our mission, focusing instead on one goal-“Awakea game world, with our ideas“.

Although it may not have been clearly stated before, our ultimate goal is to make all stakeholders happy, even though the company has passed the 1,000 people mark*, and the number of stakeholders continues to grow. also grow. Our goal is to be a company that can make all stakeholders happy without sacrificing the interests of society, the company or the individual.


* Includes full-time employees, contract employees and part-time employees (as of end of December 2021)

A message from the co-CEO and CTO Yusuke Inagaki (2/3)

Harness the power of teams to make the goal a reality

To make our Purpose a reality, we need highly collaborative teams that share the same values. From that perspective, there are two things I’m focusing on as co-CEO.

The first is to establish an environment where everyone can unleash their individuality and take on the challenges they want.

The second is to create teams that combine different skill sets and produce results that none of us could ever achieve alone.

These two factors help us awaken a world of play in our own company, if you will, and continue to produce great results as a team. And I believe that with this, we will be able to give back even more to our stakeholders.

The management team, including myself, is committed to creating this positive cycle and will work to achieve the company’s goal.

“We need what you bring”: our greatest competitive advantage

Each of our products has been created through a combination of the unique strengths of each member involved. SPEEDA, for example, relies on the expertise of our analysts and engineers. NewsPicks is powered by the expertise of our journalists and engineers.

Combining human knowledge and technology to produce new services is at the heart of what we do here at Uzabase.

To deliver the value of our products to a wide range of users and potential customers, we harness the power of sales, design and other teams both in Japan and overseas. “We need what you bring” – this value is indeed our greatest competitive advantage.

However, it is not always easy for people from diverse backgrounds and different talents to work together. Even when Uzabase was just founded, we had occasions when things didn’t go so well, mainly due to a lack of mutual understanding. We even had arguments over small disagreements.

That’s why it’s so important to have a highly collaborative team that shares the same values. If we share the same values, we can overcome any crisis through simple dialogue. We can believe in each other and join forces to meet challenges head-on. A team working together amplifies the power of each of its members many times over, creating great value from everything they bring to the table.

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