United Fintech has announced its advisory board, with the appointment of six world-class experts who will play key roles in the global expansion of the fast-growing company launched by Christian Frahm to help banks, hedge funds and managers. assets to accelerate their transition to a digital world through access to fintechs specializing in capital markets.

The members of the Advisory Board are:

– Russel Levi – 25 years of experience leading sales at Bloomberg and SuperDerivatives; responsible for building Bloomberg’s European business.

– Michel André – CTO at Saxo Bank for 14 years and widely regarded as one of the main IT architects in Europe.

– Rasmus Jensen – Specialist in corporate leadership and digital transformation, instrumental in the significant growth of Templafy’s sales team.

– Peter Korsholm – successful investor, former partner at EQT and 12 years with the firm which is one of Europe’s most successful private equity firms with $ 80 billion in assets under management.

– Jannik Kruse Petersen – 20 years in investment banking and private equity and a successful private fintech investor.

– Morten Jensen – Leading Legal Expert, Head of Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions at Bruun Hjejle, advising clients such as Goldman Sachs and EQT.

Peter Korsholm, Jannik Kruse Petersen and Morten Jensen are also investors in United Fintech.

Christian Frahm, Founder and CEO of United Fintech, said: “We have bolstered our exceptional team with an exceptional advisory board to provide more in-depth review and advice, particularly with respect to our strategic fintech acquisitions. Our advisory board includes world-class leaders in their respective fields, including highly experienced and talented M&A experts and fintech leaders. I feel very humbled and honored that at this early stage of United Fintech such eminent experts have chosen to support our vision and join our journey.

Russell Levi, Advisory Board Member, adds: “I am delighted and feel privileged to be part of such a talented and experienced Advisory Board. Much of the capital markets industry operates using legacy technologies and data provided by a small number of outdated vendors with rigid and expensive business models. The status quo is ripe to be disrupted by agile start-ups with strong engineering credentials.

“Christian is an incredibly ambitious and successful visionary and created United Fintech with a clear plan to enable banks and hedge funds around the world to have easy access to innovative solutions for the capital markets and to help small fintechs proven to accelerate their growth globally and realize their true potential. . “

United Fintech plans to acquire and develop a range of pioneering, engineering-led small and medium-sized fintech companies, all with a proven product in the capital markets; and partner with banks and financial institutions to help them access and integrate these innovative digital technologies.

To date, the company has acquired two fintech companies, NetDania and TTMZero and expects to have an extensive fintech portfolio comprising products ranging from trading platforms, liquidity management tools and regulatory reporting AI and machine learning applications, Big Data tools, Institutional Blockchain, Bots and virtual assistants.

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