There is no doubt that Play to Win (P2E) has taken the world by storm as a new way for gamers to take control of their progression in a game, transferring value from one ecosystem to another. This paradigm shift takes shape through the ownership of assets in the game, shifting from developer ownership to player ownership, making it even a viable method of earning a living. But, P2E alone doesn’t mean much without an experience that meets the same high standards already expected in the gaming industry.

The blockchain-based game TryHards is one of the first to adopt this model and one of the first teams in the industry to bring a blockchain shooter to life. As a shooter, TryHards brings unparalleled quality of play, along with lore and real opportunities to win, as supported by the Polygon network, for fast transactions and smooth play. While the team is passionate about gaming, their real goal is to provide gaming and farming opportunities to as many players as possible, regardless of their status outside of the digital ecosystem.

In light of this mission, the team is delighted to announce the launch of its public token on November 24, 2021. The project has already shown potential, showing initial success with the community’s surge of interest in the project. TryHards game and its 10-fold oversubscribed pre-sale. . In addition to their community, the team has received tremendous support through strategic funding with their raise of $ 3,580,000 backed by Basics Capital and many well-known names including GD10 Ventures, Oddiyana Ventures, Lucid Blue, CaKoin Cap , Brilliance Ventures, Seedify Fund, DuckDao and Kyros.

Gameplay worthy of a TryHard

Much like the real world, Satoshi has shaped an era never seen before. Where the roles turn is when Satoshi hit the Genesis block and unleashed a wave of crypto mayhem, leading to factional warfare and what in the TryHards metaverse is called the Satoshi Massacre. Now players are invited to take part in a Battle of the Survivors in an intensive competition for Planet-X, in which they can participate holding an in-game character and a single weapon, each existing as a non-fungible token, or NFT. . A player can obtain both via an airdrop or via the in-game market. With four different factions and a host of different qualities, each in-game character or “fanatic” will become the starting point from which players can learn to progress. in their game, harness the technology of the old earth and win the final fight.

Players must then use the NFT shooter to learn, master, and improve their abilities through the Refinery, which is both an ancient wonder and a place where players can boost their weapons to help them rule the world. A skill book will be provided that will allow Fanatics to choose a path and determine how they wish to play the game, whether it’s batting a member of the Apes faction with a submachine gun or equipping a member. zombies. with a collectible sniper rifle and shield. As players become more experienced and win more fights, the game guarantees that they will gain full universe power, which determines their wagering rate as an opportunity to win. The native TRY token can be earned if you enter the NFT metaverse. In the future, there will be opportunities to earn it in the game.

Together, the NFT-based blockchain game TryHards addresses all of the features necessary for a successful game, including high-quality graphics, strategy, earning opportunities, and an exciting lore.

Leading the blockchain battlefield

Following the Token Generation Event (TGE), a review of the official project roadmap suggests that many new releases are expected by the end of 2021 and early 2022. Among them are the beta of the game, the Fanatic and Weapon NFT drop and a series of battle launches, leading to governance and the publication of the world map.

As the story unfolds, players are invited to fight for honor in the hopes of conquering Planet X, winning by doing so, and enjoying the perks of an NFT-based game. , where all purchases and advancements remain permanently anchored in the digital ledger. Therefore, progress is not lost in the game, it is carried over with the player.

The TryHards team asks the gaming community a question: “Will you be able to rule with your skills on the blockchain battlefield?”

For my part, I can’t wait to show my skills and strive to win.

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