Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister MP Stalin urged the central government to adopt a viable policy on harnessing offshore wind energy.

Speaking at the South Zone Council meeting held in Tirupathi on Sunday, Stalin said the state has enormous potential to harness offshore wind power.

“However, we have not yet received a green signal from the central government to move forward with our projects. Many international organizations wish to establish partnerships with our government,” he added.

“Therefore, we call on the Union government to come up with a viable policy in this regard as soon as possible,” the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu said.

According to him, Tamil Nadu was a pioneer in the promotion of renewable energies, respectful of the environment and not exhaustive.

The state benefits from a warm climate, a vast coastline and a strong wind potential that has not yet been fully exploited to meet its energy needs.

Tamil Nadu has signed several agreements to use this potential and maximize returns.

Regarding the transfer of railway land for the metro project, Stalin said this should be done on a permanent basis.

“The transfer should take place with all surface rights without any restrictions when 99% of the market value is charged, as do other central government departments or agencies for underground tunneling work under their land.” , added the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

“If full surface rights are not granted, only a nominal or nominal value should be charged for the restricted rights. is not affected and no surface rights are granted, it is totally unreasonable to charge such an amount, ”he said.

According to Stalin, instructions were given to educate and sensitize fishermen to carry documents, ID cards and QR-based Aadhaar cards.

Field workers randomly check for biometric cards or Aadhaar cards, boat registration certificates while venturing out to sea.

During the patrols, Indian Coast Guard, Marine Police Wing or Coastal Security officials also check for the presence of QR-based Aadhaar charts of fishermen at sea, Tamil Nadu’s chief minister added.

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