Other Burgundy highlights at auction include Domaine Leflaive, Domaine Leflaive, Domaine Dra Romanee Conti, Armand Rousseau and rare wines from other top producers, Bordeaux, Domaine Genta’s Delview and Reserve by Cote Roti. Includes rare wines from the Rhone Valley such as Docuve, Italy.

Additionally, the auction features a special selection of rare items from Terraroiral Limit, one of the most exciting wineries in Spain today. Terroir al Limit is a famous cult winery in the Priorat highlands. The finest cruz, Les Manyes and Les Tosses, have become collector’s items over the past decade. And now, as we celebrate the estate’s 20th anniversary, Christie’s is pleased to announce at auction a rare selection of two of the finest Cruz’s, including Terroir al Limit, Les Manyes 2016 (2 bottles per lot, quote: 600- 800 pounds) and Terroir al Limit, Les Tosses 2014 (1 bottle of 6L per lot, estimate: 1,000-1,400 pounds)

A selection of older Madeiras are on offer including Blandy’s, Grabham Commemoration Solera 1811 (1 bottle per lot, estimate £1,500-3,000) and D. Bolger, Bual 1900 (2 bottles per lot, estimate £800-1,100 books). In addition to these rare Lamos Pintoports, there is also the classic 19th Century Vintage Lamos Pinto Sweet White Port 1884 (1 bottle per lot, estimated £1,600-2,400).