TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Plans to renovate the downtown Topeka mooring building will now move forward, and additional COVID funding is underway.

The State Finance Council held a virtual meeting on Friday to vote funding for COVID-19 testing programs to the tune of $ 27.1 million for the first quarter of next year – through March 30.

Funding comes from funds recovered from coronavirus relief to fund existing programs until next year.

Earlier this month, SPARK’s executive committee requested funding for COVID testing of up to 14.9 million.

The council also approved funding for frontline staff shortages that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with $ 30.3 million.

Lt. Gov. David Toland said the 24-7 plan is to support critical staff shortages at state 24-7 facilities. this includes the facilities of the Kansas Department of Corrections, the Department of Aging, public hospitals, and the Office of the Veterans Commission.

Finally, on the agenda, the Ministry of Administration was to approve the KDHE mooring and laboratory projects, all members of the state finance council approved the plans to move forward with the mooring building, with the exception of Senator Rick Billinger.

“Before the project moves forward, there will be a final set of these programming documents to describe the spaces that would be specific to the offices, and we will follow that as they prepare this final set of programming documents before they go. does not proceed to this phase of construction. “said DeAngela Burns-Wallace, Ed.D., secretary of the Administration.” Much of this work has been done and has been approved. “

It is not yet known when construction of the mooring building will begin.

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