Flight: Wilson Mills Road

A shoplifter fled Kohl’s with a large amount of merchandise on July 31. The police tried to stop her vehicle, but she collided with another vehicle at the southern exit of the square.

The Cleveland Heights woman, 61, was taken into custody and arrested for flight and escape, obstruction of justice, lack of an operator’s license and for the criminal theft of $ 2,600 from the store.

There were no injuries in the accident.

Flight: Wilson Mills Road

A man was seen using a pocket knife to open packages at Kohl’s on July 27 and then left the store with the stolen merchandise. He left in an SUV, which was stopped in the area by intervention officers.

Mentor’s man, 30, was later charged with theft of $ 219 and possession of criminal tools.

Impaired Driving: Bishop Road

A 63-year-old resident has been charged with OVI after her vehicle crashed into the back of another vehicle.

Disturbance: Wilson Mills Road

Officers responded to Home Depot on July 29 regarding a disturbance between two men outside the lumber collection area. Only one man was still present and management requested that he also leave the area. The man from Garfield Heights, 42, was sent on his way and advised not to return to the store.

General Support: Clinton Lane

A resident claimed on July 30 that he received a note on his vehicle at his workplace in town with a derogatory message about parking. He said the surveillance video was obtained by the company and the person who left the note was another tenant in the building.

Officers contacted the woman and advised her not to leave any notes on the vehicles.

General Assistance: Colony Drive

A resident said on July 30 that she was having issues with an estate liquidator and believed she may have been scammed. She wanted to know if the company kept accurate records. Officers informed her that this was a civil matter.

Fraud: Burwick Road

An 85-year-old resident was scammed after receiving a pop-up message on his computer telling him there was a problem with his virus protection. He called a number provided and gave remote access to the computer. He later learned that two transfers had been made from his bank account.

Disorderly Driving: Interstate 271

Officers responded on July 31 to a report that a vehicle left the roadway with two men fighting inside.

The men said they attended a party and left after an argument, which continued in the vehicle.

Neither the passenger – a man from Cleveland, 25 – nor Euclid’s man, 31, wanted to press charges, but the passenger was cited for disorderly conduct-public intoxication. He was taken to the police station to organize his return home.

Material damage: Bishop Road

A resident reported on August 1 that a sign was stolen from his van during the day. Officers believed the sign had fallen from the vehicle.

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