ISLAMABAD – A few days after Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his take on the traditional Pakistani suit Shalwar Kameez, netizens started trolling him on social media.

Khan, as he spoke at the recent Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar initiative, praises the banks of the South Asian country as they began to converse in Urdu with their customers. He then also advises bank staff to wear traditional attire that will make people “less scared”.

Reham Khan, the former wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, did not spare him in her recent comments as she said that “The Prime Minister of Pakistan has personally invested time in promoting the Meme Factory”.

Other social media users have also raised questions that pose the logic behind such a suggestion. A user baffled by PM’s advice to tackle cultural disorientation asked whether or not wearing jogging under a dress would give way to Western culture.

Even some journalists accused the prime minister of believing that wearing shalwar kameez by staff would help end customers in traditional banking operations.

The prime minister also suggested wearing the shalwar kameez during an interview with an international publication in December. This isn’t the first time Khan’s statement has drawn criticism, as he has already faced a torrent of criticism after blaming an increase in sexual violence against women wearing skimpy clothes.

Prime Minister Imran Khan donned a shalwar kameez with a waistcoat during his official visit to the United States. Some social media users even praised the Prime Minister for ditching Western clothing and switching to traditional clothing.

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