Hertfordshire Constabulary have issued more warnings to residents following a series of bank card thefts.

Last month, it was reported that bank cards had been withheld by ATMs and cash was later withdrawn from accounts after the card was lost.

Police, who have worked to investigate the breaches with the banking industry, say that in each of the reported thefts, card distributors withheld the victim’s bank card due to a discreet device that had been placed over the card slot. for machine card.

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Nearly 15 offenses were recorded in June.

Detective Sergeant Mark Fava, from the Serious Fraud and Cyber ​​Unit at Hertfordshire Constabulary, said: ‘Initially it was thought the device scanned the cards and then passed the details and PIN to the offender.

DS Fava said: “However, in each case it appears that the attacker, or accomplice, watched the victim enter the PIN and then retrieved the booby-trapped card. The offender then used the stolen card and PIN at another ATM. »

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Hertfordshire Police say the best way to prevent this from happening is to cancel or suspend your bank card if it is held up by an ATM.

Residents are asked to temporarily block their cards on a banking app to establish what happened.

You can also call the bank to cancel or suspend the card until it is collected.

The police are also advising the public to take the usual precautions when withdrawing cash.

People are told to always look carefully at an ATM’s card insertion point before using it. If it appears to have been tampered with, do not use it.

Call your bank if you realize the machine has been tampered with after inserting your card.

Always protect your hand when entering your PIN code on an ATM keypad.

If the machine holds your card or does not deliver the money you have withdrawn, without an appropriate explanation message on the screen, contact your bank immediately, then the police on our non-emergency number 101.