Families who are eligible for child tax credit advance payments but have not received one or more of the payments have several methods of obtaining the missing payment.

Advance payments for the child tax credit began in July and have been paid monthly since. However, some taxpayers may not have received their payment because it was filed incorrectly, there was a problem with the mail, or they did not register by the deadline.

Taxpayers will need to reconcile the payments they received with the total credit they are entitled to in the 2021 tax year, so taxpayers should act quickly if a payment is recorded as sent but has never been received. received.

It could take weeks to resolve this issue, which is why the Taxpayer Advocate Service advises people to start the process as soon as possible. The first step is to check the payment status on the Child Tax Credit Update Portal to make sure the payment has been sent and whether it was sent by direct deposit or by paper check.

With people juggling so many responsibilities on a day-to-day basis, the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service said it was possible that the payment was filed, but was missed or deposited to an account other than whoever a taxpayer thought he would be. So taxpayers should check all of their bank accounts for deposit, as well as asking anyone living in the house who has access to a paper check to make sure they haven’t cashed it and forget to mention it.

People who have not received any prepayment for their child tax credit can still claim the full amount when they file their taxes in 2022. A family wearing masks waits to cross the street as the city moves by. phase 2 reopening following restrictions imposed to stem the coronavirus pandemic on June 24, 2020, in New York.
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If a taxpayer is sure a payment is missing, they should ask for a payment record on it, the Taxpayer Advocate Service said. This can only be requested if five days have passed since the date of deposit and the bank states that it has not received payment, four weeks since payment was posted, six weeks since payment was been mailed to a forwarding address or nine weeks since payment was sent to an international address.

A payment record can be requested over the phone at 800-919-9835 or by sending or faxing Form 3911 to the IRS. The Taxpayer Advocate Service advises against using Form 3911 if a telephone request has already been made.

For some people, the payments aren’t “missing” – they were never issued in the first place. While many taxpayers had nothing to do to start receiving monthly payments, those who normally do not have to file taxes, including low-income families, had to register for assistance. of the non-declaration tool.

The deadline to register was November 15, so anyone who qualifies for the expanded child tax credit but did not register on time will have to wait to file their tax returns in 2022. Eligible families will still receive their full credit, it will just be in a lump sum issued as part of their tax refund instead of separate payments.

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