New York, New York State September 22, 2021 – ( – Telaleaf Health Inc. (“Telaleaf” or the “Company”), a telemedicine company that is revolutionizing the delivery of cannabis-related patient care, is pleased to announce a joint sponsorship with a leading global medical cannabis company, Little Green Pharma Ltd. (or “LGP”), for the first certificate course for physicians, pharmacists and relevant professionals interested in the prescription and treatment of cannabis products. The course is hosted by International University of Dresden in Germany.

The course titled “Cannabis Therapy from Z to Z: Basics and Practical Use of Cannabis Drugs in Medical Practice and Pharmacy” is a comprehensive, practice-oriented, interdisciplinary certificate course for physicians, providing in-depth knowledge of all aspects. of cannabis therapy, which physicians and pharmacists need for the appropriate and responsible therapeutic use of all cannabis-based drugs currently available on prescription. At the end of the course, advanced training points are awarded by the Saxony State Medical Association for those who have the appropriate professional affiliation.

The course program is developed, led and taught by three leading scientific and clinical experts in cannabis medicine: Dr Franjo Grotenhermen, Dr. Kristen muller-vahl and dr. Dennis strake. The many years of individual and combined clinical, practical and scientific experience of these lecturers will be of immense value to course participants, along with their excellent knowledge of emerging cannabis laws and the current political and legal landscape in Germany, Europe and beyond.

Dr Franjo Grotenhermen is a world renowned leader and expert in the therapeutic use of cannabinoids. He is the chairman of Cannabis Association (ACM), and founder and CEO of the International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM) for over 20 years. His book “Cannabis Healing” is recognized as the most trusted guide to the therapeutic application of medical cannabis. His expertise is highly respected and sought after by government agencies, pharmaceutical companies and international institutions such as the World Health Organization and the American herbal pharmacopoeia.

Dr. Kirsten Müller-Vahl is a specialist in both neurology and adult psychiatry. She is a professor and chief medical officer at the Psychiatry clinic, Social psychiatry and psychotherapy at the Hanover Faculty of Medicine. His scientific work includes the role of the endocannabinoid system in psychiatric disorders and treatment studies using cannabinoid modulators and cannabis-based drugs. She has led several clinical trials on the effectiveness of drugs derived from cannabis. She is regularly invited as an expert to the German Bundestag for hearings on the new German cannabis law.

Dr. Dennis strake is responsible for pharmacy neurology and rare diseases, Medios Apotheke Anike Oleski in Berlin as well as member of the board of directors of Association of pharmacies supplying cannabis (VCA) and on the Scientific Advisory Board to Federal Association of Cannabinoid Pharmaceutical Companies (PCB).

Gavin Treanor, CEO of Telaleaf, said: “This certification comes at a time when all levels of cannabis-based education for physicians are a must. It is with the aim of meeting this need, by providing a top quality education, that Telaleaf has aligned itself with Little Green Pharma, as part of a joint mission to facilitate physician and practitioner access to expert-level training from the pioneers and most respected global leaders in today’s cannabis medicine. “

“As the cannabis space continues to evolve, there will be an ongoing need for education, training and pedagogy for physicians and practitioners that is not only engaging and flexible, but also highly sophisticated. The blended learning approach of our course combines self-learning and intensive face-to-face and online group work, to incubate ideal conditions for the acquisition and application of skills. Telaleaf believes that proper medical education improves treatment and the patient experience. The success of cannabis medicine begins with educational models that bridge the gap between theoretical and practical application to raise the clinical standard among physicians for the appropriate therapeutic use of cannabis products.

LGP Operations Director, Paul Long said, “At LGP, we firmly believe that quality education is one of the main drivers in building the global medicinal cannabis industry. We are therefore delighted to sponsor such a comprehensive, practical and credible course with Telaleaf. Our experience is that educated physicians often become strong advocates of medicinal cannabis therapy, and we believe that this education will help give German healthcare professionals the confidence to prescribe medicinal cannabis to their patients.

The first certificate course starts September 30, 2021 and is now full. To register for the next course, visit:

About Telaleaf
Telaleaf is a telemedicine company that is revolutionizing the delivery of cannabis-related care by connecting patients with expert physicians, trained in cannabis-based medicine, who perform virtual medical visits. Our goal is to improve patient outcomes by enhancing the patient experience with cutting-edge technology, simplicity, low costs and expert-led training for physicians and practitioners, for the most advanced virtual care. in cannabis medicine.

On Little Green Pharma
Little Green Pharma is a leading global medical cannabis company with key production assets in Australia and Europe. Our goal is to improve patient access to GMP grade cannabis medicines worldwide and transform lives for the better. To achieve this, we favor the support of physicians through continuous training on the benefits of treatment and on the prescription process in order to make it as simple as possible.

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