HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – An old building on the JMU campus is getting a makeover.

The Convocation Center has housed JMU’s men’s and women’s basketball teams for nearly 40 years, but after its upgrades, it will host JMU’s volleyball.

“We’ve been evaluating for several years, knowing that the construction of the Atlantic Union Bank Center was coming to determine once that building was vacated what the best use was,” Warner said. “When you have a space like this with the size it is, over 100,000 square feet, it presents a lot of opportunities, so we were very diligent and careful in considering what we could do with that space. “

Godwin Hall, located in the heart of campus, serves as the academic building and is home to several sports teams.

“There’s a lot of demand in the center of campus for Godwin, for the space there for a number of academic needs, so it’s just tied in with some of these Godwin programs coming out. “said Kevin Warner, Deputy Director of Sports Communications. .

In a Monday press release, JMU Athletics said the renovations will include the addition of locker rooms, offices, academic counseling, sports medicine, strength and conditioning services and cross-country meeting rooms. , field hockey, lacrosse, men’s and women’s soccer, and volleyball. and athletics.

“It provides a lot of opportunities for cohesion between these sports because at Godwin they’re spread out over the first, second, third floors and different wings and so a lot of these sports are going to come together now,” Warner said.

The interior of the building will be remodeled with the hope of using some of the aspects already in place.

“There will be new wall additions and a lot of reconfiguration to make this footprint work for the department, most of the work will be indoors, the exterior will not change substantially,” Warner said.

The volleyball team is also happy to have a new home.

“I think that’s maybe where we’re seeing the most improvement with our new facility is the number of fans we’re going to have to play and match because they’re going to love the experience. “, Lauren Steinbrecher, head coach of JMU volleyball mentioned.

Fan engagement isn’t the only benefit of moving these sports to campus.

“Most programs that travel here other than volleyball compete at Sentara Park,” Warner said. “Lacrosse, track and field, soccer and field hockey at the East Campus Field Hockey Complex, so this facility is in a better location to get to each of those venues compared to Godwin Hall.”

The athletic department is looking forward to starting over and being able to design this facility to meet the needs of each program.

“The way the Convo is set up and the fans kind of watch from the lobby level, you can do creative things with the way you set up the game environment there,” Warner said.

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