The Chief Executive of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Sir Joseph Ari, has tasked government and stakeholders with a massive skills training program to tackle the insecurity, social vices and poverty plaguing the Nigeria, while the ITF trained 3,905 young people across the country.

Addressing the National Industrial Skills Development Program (NISDP) 2021 graduation ceremony for 3,905 young people nationwide on catering and event management, plumbing and pipefitting, said Sir Joseph with a population of over 200 million, half of whom are young people and most of whom are unemployed. With high numbers of out-of-school children and raging poverty, the future looked bleak and bleak without an escalation in skills training programs.

The ITF CEO, who was represented by the Director of Corporate Planning, Ms Furera Sambi Diki, however noted that with the imparting of skills for employability and entrepreneurship to young people at all levels at across the country, often supplemented with start-up capital, Nigeria can grow from current challenges to a prosperous nation, while creating potential for a better, brighter and more promising future.

“The fact that we are faced with cultism, other social vices and the increasing incidence of crime indicates that as a country we have not applied the appropriate measures that would have transformed our growing population into a This neglect, when coupled with growing numbers of out-of-school children, unemployment and poverty, the omens for our dear nation are bleak and foreshadow darker times to come.

“But all is not bleak in the policies and programs that the Buhari administration has been implementing since 2015, which have enabled organizations to initiate and implement skills-building programs like the NISDP, whose we are witnessing today,” he said.

He said the NISDP was established in 2016 to ensure job creation, wealth creation and training of a new generation of entrepreneurs to transform Nigeria’s economic landscape.

Ari however lamented that despite the high unemployment rate in the country, there are vacancies in the economy which are only filled by foreigners due to the absence of Nigerians with the required skills to fill these vacancies, while charging those involved in human capital development. give Nigerians varied skills that would make them employable and fulfill their skills quota.

Area Manager, ITF Area Office in Kaduna, Eng. Usman Jallo in his remarks said that the 100 youths in Kaduna State came from all 23 local governments in Kaduna State.

“They were trained for three months in catering and events as well as in plumbing and piping. They were subjected to intensive practical training, after which they were tested and certified to have met all the requirements to become entrepreneurs in their respective business fields,” he said.