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After rejecting a higher-paying job offer at a bank, a technical college graduate now handles more responsibility at a job he once tried to quit but was offered pay for. overtime to stay.

His experience prompted comments from netizens advising others never to be persuaded to stay with a company after quitting.

“My friend is an ITE graduate. He works as a facility manager in an SME. S$1,900 salary, no overtime pay,” Complaint Singapore Facebook page member John Tan shared on Friday, July 22.

He noted that his friend had worked for the company for a year and had been promoted, receiving a S$200 raise on his salary. His friend also received an annual raise of S$50, which his other colleagues also received.

After working for three years, he found a possible job in a bank. Since the salary was higher, he tendered his resignation, Mr. Tan said.

However, the general manager asked him to stay by offering him overtime pay.

After doing the math, he would earn more than the bank was offering. “He also likes the work because there is freedom because the GM does not bother him. If he works in the bank, there will most likely be a lot of people who bother him because it’s a big company with a lot of hierarchy,” Mr. Tan explained.

So his friend withdrew his resignation and rejected the bank’s job offer.

Unfortunately, six months later, the GM hired a manager to take care of his friend. “The taiji manager always gives him more work to do. Now he goes to work every day, thinking that what happened,” Mr Tan said.

Netizens commented on the post, noting that a resignation should be final. “A word of advice…once you submit a resignation, don’t…never be persuaded to stay…mgt persuaded because your surprise resignation…and will replace you as soon as…it’s a matter…continuity,” the user said. Facebook David Ng.

“If you quit, never withdraw your resignation because your boss will no longer trust you and will secretly find trouble with you,” Facebook user John Ng./TISG added.

Photo: FB screenshot

Photo: FB screenshot

Photo: FB screenshot

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