As the latest wave of Covid-19 cases appear to be easing in Mendocino County, public health official Dr Andy Coren on Friday urged people to carefully plan their next gatherings, starting with activities in the area. ‘Halloween.

“Almost 40% of our population in the county is unvaccinated,” Coren said, advising people to wear masks indoors and outdoors in crowds. When eating indoors, Coren said to leave the masks on unless actively eating or drinking, and to “look for green signs (on bars and restaurants) that say all staff are vaccinated. and that only vaccinated clients are inside “.

The deadline for these signs to be posted is November 1, as Coren said he wanted to give more employees time to get vaccinated.

“For Halloween and Dia de los Muertos gatherings, we recommend that you do not use decorative masks on a Covid-19 mask,” Coren said, explaining that wearing a decorative mask over a Covid-19 mask 19 could cause breathing difficulties, while wearing a decorative mask under a Covid-19 mask would decrease the amount of virus protection offered.

“Enjoy carving pumpkins, cook your favorite meals, decorate, watch spooky movies, but avoid big parties,” he said. “And if you can only keep the gatherings for people who have been vaccinated, it will be much safer. I want people to be happy, but I also want people to be healthy. “

He also “strongly recommended” that people get the seasonal flu shot, as this year’s flu season is expected to be worse than last year, which Coren described as “an exceptionally low year.” Perhaps this is because people are staying at home and masquerading. But we can’t bet on that this year.

He said many health clinics will offer Covid-19 and flu shots at the same time, as it is considered safe.

Regarding the outbreaks, Coren said that “the one in Mendocino County Jail has resolved,” and one of the two outbreaks in skilled nursing facilities is now resolved, while the second may l to be soon.

In terms of hospital capacity, Coren said she had improved recently, with “an intensive care capacity of 25%” in the county on Friday morning.

In terms of vaccination, Coren said as of October 6, “70.2% of the county’s eligible residents had been vaccinated, while 61.4 of the total population had been vaccinated.”

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