Brevet Capital has deployed a significant amount of capital over the past year to support innovative growth companies working on environmental solutions.

This includes companies providing products and services in the following areas: renewable energy, energy efficiency, green mining, agriculture, waste management and emission reduction.

Major investments include Linecrest and NT Bullion, which have increased iron ore production in northern Australia. She is now considering expanding to Western Australia and is working with Brevet to identify other technologies that could be adapted for use at mine sites.

He has also invested in gold tailings processor Heritage Minerals, domestic vertical family business Stacked Holdings and creator of sustainable and integrated technology ecosystems Wallace.

These innovative investments earned Brevet Capital the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year award. The EF Awards judges praised the investor for its “clear investment in solutions business lending”.

Brevet selects companies that might be deemed too risky for traditional finance but are at a stage where they are ready to grow and generate positive social impact. It also guarantees businesses the capital they need to continue their work and reinvest in research and development.

“There are few players structuring these types of deals to release capital earlier to innovators in this way because they are not transactions and require more work on the financial side,” he said. .

Douglas Monticciolo, CEO, CIO and co-founder of Brevet Capital, said, “Brevet is proud of the work we do on behalf of sustainability-focused companies around the world to ensure they have access to strategic capital. necessary to support their research, development and innovation. efforts and other key initiatives.

“Receive a Sustainable Investing in Environmental Finance Award is a testament to our differentiated investment approach, which offers flexible, collaborative and non-dilutive financing solutions, and the hard work of our team.”