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September 20, 2021

Analytics Insight engaged in an exclusive interview with Ravish Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Able Jobs. The company offers excellent training courses and connects learners with various companies for jobs.

1. Please tell us about the company, its specialization and the services offered by your company.

Able Jobs trains entry-level job seekers for sales and support roles. Job seekers download our app, take our training courses and after completing the course we connect them to companies and get them jobs. We solve the problem of the employability of non-tech graduates. Every year, more than 6 million people obtain technical degrees such as BA, BBA, but find it difficult to find a job. Our rigorous in-house designed training program ensures that new graduates acquire the skills required to secure the position. Classes are highly professional and are delivered online with the help of experienced trainers.

Designing the right pedagogy so that we could eliminate the subjectivity of non-tech jobs was one of the biggest challenges initially. Over time, we’ve worked closely with students and businesses to understand key gaps and design content, proprietary frameworks, and assessment that help us assess a candidate in depth and equip them with the skills required to the post. Our app ensures that the content is delivered perfectly and that job seekers can acquire the skills required for a job. Able Jobs is based in Bangalore and we started in May 2019.

2. With what mission and what objectives was the company created? In short, tell us about your journey since the creation of the company?

We were training BA, BBA, B. Com people for university exams. That’s when we realized that most people have a hard time finding a job. This is why we thought about helping these people to find a job and started to train them directly for a job. Initially, we taught people over the phone, then we taught people on WhatsApp, and finally, after a few internships, we launched the Able Jobs app to help students prepare for work.

We are 3 founders and we have all known each other for 7 years. We started out as a weekend project and slowly evolved into what you see as Able Jobs. All three founders have worked for a startup before and we are very passionate about how the internet can be used for socio-economic improvement over the next decade. We are a team of over 25 people in total from a variety of backgrounds including IIT, IIM, Teach for India, and more.

3. How is AI evolving today in the industry as a whole? What are the most important trends that you see emerging around the world?

AI models are getting smarter every day, and with low computational costs, even start-ups are able to harness the potential and create disruptive tools for the aging industries. The voice is going to be one of the most important frontiers in the years to come. The main driver of this shift towards voice user interfaces is the evolution of user demands. There is an increased awareness and a higher level of comfort demonstrated specifically by Genz, Millennials as they please.

do things faster. While for adults, the voice provides an easier way to access things. Big tech companies have also helped launch new products to facilitate accessibility and voice integrations.

4. How do you plan to revolutionize the Indian market and what are your plans to exploit the market?

With Able Jobs, our mission is to eradicate unemployment. Two Crore graduates enter the workforce each year. We want to be the go-to destination for entry-level job preparation for these students. Right now we are focusing on certain positions such as sales and support, as we move forward on our journey we will increase our reach to all entry level positions like an accountant, digital marketing, talent acquisition and many more. We develop effective tools that make it easier for users themselves and in groups to practice on the app, provide them with automatic feedback so that they can improve, build their confidence and get closer to work.

5. Can you enlighten us on the latest employment trends in key sectors?

Working from home is here to stay. With many companies expanding their work from home and others planning to move a large workforce to remote work, companies will need already trained talent, as onboarding and training will be less intensive than working from home. installation at the office. We believe our program instills the right job skills to enable a person to start working without any additional training.

6. How does your business use advanced analytics and big data?

Users perform exercises on the app and this helps us capture a holistic view of our learner’s profile. The data helps us build the best model to suggest people’s jobs. Using this data, we launched India’s first audio job recommendation on the Able jobs app last month. The user records their audio, scores it using our proprietary AI model, and then suggests jobs that best suit their communication skills.

7. Do you also think the right kind of talent is a challenge in the industry?

Yes, the right kind of talent is a challenge in the industry. This is because the practical, ready-made skills required to get a job are not taught in our college. Most non-technical graduates struggle to find employment even after 6 to 12 months of graduation. Most people have to apply to hundreds of companies before they get their first job. During this process, they end up learning what it really takes to get a job. At Able Jobs, we simplify the whole process and get them jobs 12 times faster.

8. Can you highlight recent innovations in your business in the field of AI / ML / Analytics?

We have actively used AI to create a real-time feedback loop for our students. Here are some projects we are working on:

  • Voice Assessment and Deep Learning Scoring: Entry-level hiring requires interviewers to place a call to understand the candidate’s communication. At Able Jobs, we have automated this using deep learning techniques. We’ve created a deep learning model that most accurately predicts how fluent a person’s communication skills are. Most of the models, including existing speech recognition models, do not work for Indian accents, as they are primarily created for the Western use case. It is the first model of its kind to recognize the Indian accent.
  • Automated comments in subjective responses through deep learning: At Able Jobs, we teach people sales and support skills that are subjective in nature on a daily basis. There can be multiple answers to a question like how to sell a pen or how to deal with an angry customer, making it difficult for students to provide feedback. We train tens of thousands of students every month and in order to provide them with the best learning experience, we have designed a deep learning model that provides feedback on subjective answers in seconds. Users can do exercises on the app, submit answers, and get commentary paragraphs to enhance their learning.

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