November 4, 2021

Dr Angie O’Hearn, who runs The Visiting Vet – a mobile veterinary services business in Casper – gives Boggie, a 5-year-old pit bull a treat. To determine the legal requirements to start the business, O’Hearn consulted with the Wyoming Small Business Development Center Network, which is hosted at UW. (The photo of the visiting vet)

Anyone who has had the intimidating experience of trying to get an injured and scared 80-pound dog or nervous cat into a vehicle for a trip to the vet should be thrilled with Dr Angie O’s new visiting vet company. ‘Hearn – The Visiting Vet – to Casper.

To start her business, O’Hearn first contacted Cindy Unger of the Wyoming Small Business Development Center (SBDC) network, housed at the University of Wyoming, to ask her about the legal requirements to start her own business. That conversation widened and Unger helped O’Hearn create a business plan, which resulted in a start-up bank loan and his dream came true.

“I never thought I would want to be my own boss and have to take care of this aspect of veterinary medicine,” says O’Hearn. “Cindy has been great in helping with the research, giving me contact information and encouraging me through the process.”

O’Hearn’s early interest in science and love of animals made the decision to become a vet a natural fit. She vividly remembers the moment her father called from the vet’s office to tell her the family dog ​​was not doing well. She asked him about all the details, prognosis and treatment. It was at this point that she decided to embark on veterinary medicine.

Since graduating from Colorado State University in 2009, O’Hearn has worked in several local veterinary clinics. Last spring she decided to start her mobile veterinary practice because she felt there was a strong need in the community for this service.

Since starting her business, O’Hearn says she works most often with dogs and cats, providing wellness exams, vaccines, blood tests, and treatment for infections. An important service it provides is palliative care and euthanasia at home. O’Hearn makes the end of the trip a less stressful experience for both pet and owner.

“My goal is to provide end-to-end comfort for every pet,” says O’Hearn.

O’Hearn is also very interested in pain management and is board certified in pet acupuncture. She uses this procedure to help animals manage arthritis and neurological disorders.

Going forward, O’Hearn will continue to strengthen its relationships with existing clients and grow its business to help new clients. The Wyoming SBDC Network will continue to serve as a business partner for O’Hearn in these next steps.

For more information on The Visiting Vet, visit Those interested in starting or growing their own business can also contact the Wyoming SBDC Network for confidential and free assistance at

The Wyoming SBDC Network offers free advice and technical assistance to help Wyoming entrepreneurs think, start, grow, reinvent, or exit their business. In 2020 alone, the Wyoming SBDC Network helped Wyoming entrepreneurs create 95 new businesses, support 6,964 jobs, and make a capital impact of $ 18 million to the state.

The Wyoming SBDC Network is hosted by UW with public funds from the Wyoming Business Council and funded, in part, through a cooperative agreement with the US Small Business Administration.

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