SAN FRANCISCO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Viable, an analytics startup using artificial intelligence to automate text analysis of customer reviews, announced it has raised $ 3.9 million in pre-seed and seed funding to bring its next-generation qualitative feedback analytics AI tool to market. Craft Ventures and Javelin Venture Partners respectively led the funding rounds.

Specifically, Viable is the first analytics startup to use the GPT-3 language model, from AI research and deployment company OpenAI, to extract immediate information buried in customer surveys, service tickets, etc. support and reviews of enterprise-wide app stores.

“Computers have been great at calculating numbers for decades, but we only recently unlocked this ability for text. Viable’s state-of-the-art text analysis technology enables the easiest interaction to uncover information in your feedback data – just ask a question, ”said Viable CEO and Co-Founder Daniel Erickson. “Viable is like an AI UX research assistant. This saves you time and enables you to get the information you need to inform product roadmaps and customer initiatives faster.

Alex Gurevich, Managing Director of Javelin Venture Partners, added: “Natural language AI is evolving in leaps and bounds; Viable puts this cutting-edge technology at the service of a compelling use case. As a former product manager who spent countless hours sifting through and making sense of qualitative research, I immediately saw the value of getting instant customer insights from data. qualitative.

Automation that eliminates manual sorting and tagging of free-form text

Customer service and product teams struggle to get useful information from their customers’ feedback. It can take them hours to manually sort and label the text to be analyzed.

Viable solves this problem by using a combination of language models to tag user surveys, support tickets, and app reviews from tools like Zendesk, Intercom, Delighted, Front and many more via Zapier. Within minutes, Viable structures and analyzes thousands of text entries.

Helpful answers in human language

Once the data has been ingested into Viable, users can ask any question such as “how can we improve our product?” Or “what features should we build next?” Viable then generates responses in seconds, written in human language using GPT-3’s natural language processing capabilities.

“Viable’s automated qualitative analysis is like asking a friendly, knowledgeable colleague to summarize the key takeaways from thousands of survey responses,” said Jeffrey Erickson, product manager and co-founder of Viable.

Designed to be simple and accessible to everyone

Viable offers a simple yet powerful user experience:

  • Easy direct integration in 2 clicks with feedback tools.

  • Trends are automatically represented graphically for reporting purposes.

  • Unlimited questions – no data formatting required.

As businesses seek to use the voice of customer information in their product cycles, they are opting for faster information and less time spent on non-value-added tasks.

“Once you’ve found the product-to-market fit, consistently asking questions of customers is critical to sustaining and accelerating growth. Viable made it easy for anyone to do this in real time, ”said Rahul Vohra, Founder of Superhuman and Viable Investor.

A 30-day free trial is available. The starting level is $ 250 for up to 1,000 data points per month, while the growth level is $ 1,000 for up to 5,000 data points per month. An enterprise level is available for larger monthly data volumes.

About Viable

Viable provides analytics software to make customer feedback actionable with automated text aggregation, structuring, and analysis. With Viable, businesses can ask any question and get clear-language answers in seconds from customer surveys, support tickets, App Store reviews, and more. Powered by GPT-3, the most advanced language model available, Viable is supported by Javelin Venture Partners and Craft Ventures. Visit