Goku is a Saiyan who was sent to Earth to destroy it. Rather than complete this mission, he forgot about his original purpose and became the greatest warrior on Earth. He saved the planet and its inhabitants on multiple occasions, and during times when he couldn’t, he and his friends found a way to use the Dragon Balls to bring back many casualties.

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He is one of the strongest characters in the Dragon ball franchise, as he spends most of his time on training. He has a love for combat and a deep respect for strong opponents. Many characters in the MCU are powerful enough to give Goku a battle he would enjoy.

ten Would fight: Captain Marvel is currently the strongest Avenger

Captain Marvel in his hero costume

Fans have argued countless times over whether or not Superman would win in a fight against Goku. Captain Marvel is the MCU’s version of Superman, as she can fly, take down entire ships, and defeat most of her opponents.

She can produce and control cosmic energy and has the superhuman speed, strength, and stamina of a Kree warrior from a blood transfusion she received. She has also received extensive training from the Kree, which makes her a good opponent for the Saiyans.

9 Wouldn’t be interested in: Ant-Man isn’t equipped to fight Goku

Scott is standing in the shower in his costume

While Ant-Man has an extremely impressive costume that allows him to grow to gigantic heights and shrink to the size of an ant, that wouldn’t give him a chance against Goku. He’s not particularly mobile when he’s a giant, and getting of that size often takes a toll on his body.

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While the shrinkage and growth could make him both agile and capable of throwing incredibly hard punches, he wouldn’t do much damage to the alien. Besides, an army of ants probably wouldn’t help him either.

8 Would Fight: Thor is a mighty god of thunder

Thor looks behind him with long hair

Thor is an Asgardian, which means he has incredible physical power. He also owns Stormbreaker, an ax that’s easily one of Asgard’s most powerful weapons. This allowed him to channel his lightning-based powers and fight Thanos while the Titan had all of the Infinity Stones in his possession. Without his rage, he would have defeated Thanos much sooner.

Thor has lived in combat much longer than most living creatures, which has given him many years of experience. Thor also has the education and tactical skills that make him one of the best warriors in the MCU.

seven Wouldn’t be interested in: Hawkeye’s arrows wouldn’t even hit Goku

Hawkeye with his bow and arrows

Hawkeye is a special agent and one of the members of the Avengers who had no superpowers. His strength lies in his sniper skills, but he has shown skill in close combat. Unfortunately, Hawkeye often gets the small end of the stick compared to the other Avengers in terms of potency. He is still only human.

Despite the interesting things his arrows are capable of doing, including creating explosions or delivering an electric shock, he wouldn’t be able to give Goku the fight he wanted.

6 Would Fight: Hulk Gets Stronger When Angry

Hulk screaming in anger

Before the rest of the Avengers met Captain Marvel, they all viewed the Hulk as the strongest Avenger, although Thor seemed to think otherwise. It’s easy to see why, because he gets stronger when he gets angrier.

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It withstood falls from miles high, as well as bullets, and even damaged vibranium and slaughtered Leviathans. His past rampages were difficult and almost impossible to stop. Goku would be more than happy to anger him in order to have a good fight.

5 I wouldn’t be interested in: Captain America is a great soldier but not great enough

Steve running with his shield in his uniform

After getting the Super Soldier Serum, Captain America became superhuman. He is much stronger, faster, and more durable than ordinary people. He wears around a circular vibranium shield, which he uses both offensively and defensively. During the final battle with Thanos, the Mad Titan was able to tear his shield apart, meaning Goku could, too.

Even if he was equipped with Mjolnir, it wouldn’t be so easy to corner Goku with it. Given the number of tests he has passed that have proven his pure-hearted character, it is possible that he may be considered worthy of lifting the hammer.

4 Would Fight: Iron Man has technology designed to fight powerful people

Tony in his Iron Man costume

Goku knows better than to underestimate the power of technology. Bulma spent years impressing her with dozens of inventions, not to mention Earth’s greatest enemies, Android 17 and 18, which managed to destroy most of the world in which Future Trunks lived. Even Cell was created by Dr. Gero’s supercomputer.

Even though Iron Man himself doesn’t have any superpowers, Goku would show some interest in what his costume might do. Tony has created technology based on his experiences in combat, refining them to be effective against even the most powerful enemies.

3 Wouldn’t be interested in: Spider-Man can spot danger but wouldn’t react quickly enough

Spider-Man watches over the city

Spider-Man has the ability to spot danger, but this skill is only useful if he can react to it in time. Despite the fact that her web fluid is a fantastic tool used to give her mobility and to pin down enemies, stronger enemies can unstuck her strap like nothing.

Even Peter’s insanely high intelligence levels and enhanced physical abilities wouldn’t make him a good opponent for Goku, especially since his web shooters don’t contain an endless amount of web fluid.

2 Would Fight: Doctor Strange May Warp Reality

Doctor Strange uses a spell

Doctor Strange is the master of the mystical arts, wielding magic that allows him to cast a wide variety of spells. He has been seen using binding spells and is able to create portals that can transport people long distances. He can also conjure and transmute items, as well as use the mirror dimension to his advantage.

These abilities would undoubtedly impress most people, and Goku would be no exception. If Doctor Strange played his cards right, he would give the Saiyan a good fight.

1 Wouldn’t be interested in: Black Widow is an assassin but still human

Black Widow in front of an explosion

Black Widow was trained in the Red Room and became known as one of Earth’s best assassins. She has lied to people most of her life, working as a spy. Goku, being confident to the point where he seems somewhat gullible, would easily fall into any of his tricks, as he has fallen for more obvious tricks before.

The deception just angered him, and while Black Widow was incredibly talented to the point of being able to fight with other Avengers on a level playing field, it wouldn’t give Goku the kind of overpowered brawl he seeks.

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